Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Reading Kids: Part 1

Caldecott Winners
This summer I've thought of a few ideas to keep us busy with reading.  The first one will be to participate in our library's summer reading program.  However, I wanted to take it a step further.  So here is another little project we will be working on this summer.  Reading Caldecott Winners and doing projects of some sort related to the winners we read.  We started with two greats (and one I had never read).  

Cadecott is named in honor of 19th century English Illustrator Randolph Caldecott.  It started in 1938 and has been awarded every year since.  I don't know that we will get through two a week due to vacations, etc, but we did two this week and already have picked our next two out.  

Book 1- The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg

I had not read this book nor had my kids.  We really enjoyed the story- it is magical- just like the drawings in the book.  We decided to make our own "Garden" by tracing animals and then taking leaves from outside and doing rubbings onto the animals.  Then my youngest glued the animals onto our own garden picture.  Good fun.

Book 2: Where the Wild Things Are 
written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak

This is a great story.  I really enjoy reading it each time.  We decided to make our own "where the wild things are" island.  It was really fun!  To help with the monsters and Max my oldest free hand drew Max and then we decided tracing the monsters and then coloring them would be the easiest.  He also free drew the boat Max arrives to the island on.  

Two great books and projects to kick off our Caldecott Summer.

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