Thursday, November 1, 2012

Goals: they are good for me...

It is the 1st of November and I only have two months left to finish my 1,000+++ miles of running for 2012.  I really have done a lot of running, for me, in this year 2012.  However, when I look at other mother runners I follow- blogs or daily mile site I really don't run that much.  Now granted one of the women I follow is likely 10 years younger than me and not married or with kids, but a couple of these ladies are moms with kids and some even full time jobs and yet their mileage weekly blows my weekly mileage out of the water.  I know, I know, I'm just having a 20 second pity party. But lately I've been starting the prep for next year thinking what else can I do, should I do, could I do better or different to help me a. stay healthy b. continue running races and c. maybe, just maybe get faster- every runner's dream :).  Before I move onto next year big plans I need to finish this year's goals.

Back to the topic at hand.  I have run 831 miles this year and with just two months left  I need to run another 169 miles over the next two months.  So- 84.5 miles in November and 84.5 in December.  I don't know why but this is kind of freaking me out.  That means about 20 miles/week and that just sounds like a lot to me right now. 

So why would 20 miles/week sound like a lot to a runner like me- not quite sure.  Maybe without having a race I'm training for that makes me less efficient with my running and feeling a little lost.  Maybe it is the post marathon blues and feeling a little like I've done it, I want a break.  However, I haven't really felt like I want a break I really have been wanting to run, but that first 1-2 weeks after the race I just didn't feel "right" running.  I felt sore, dead legs, and like parts of my legs hurt inappropriately- shin pain, hip pain, ITBand tightness.These pains made me think I was trying to come back to soon and was causing injury.  Well throw in a couple of trips/travels and my running has been off. 

So- you know me, well maybe you don't, but likely you do and know that a goal is a goal and so I will move forward.  I will plot a plan/schedule to finish my goal for 2012.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes- maybe that will give me more incentive to finish. 

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