Monday, November 5, 2012

October running recap

I'm really not quite sure where October went.  I can hardly believe that about a month ago I was finishing the marathon training schedule and racing in my 5th Chicago Marathon.  No idea where the times goes.  So here is what October was like for me and my running shoes and of course my favorite quotes/comments from that great book " The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration" by Kevin Nelson.

October total mileage:  53 miles
It was strange to just type that number because I haven't been that low on mileage all year, the closest I came to it was March with 66.  I'm a little disappointed, but I just didn't have the humph to put in more mileage after the marathon.  Part of me really wanted to keep running right after the marathon, but the other part of me was kind of intimidated or scared to.  I've always taken off such a decent amount of time after the marathon I didn't trust myself to be o.k. with a quick return.  I would've liked to have had at least 60 + miles for the month of October, but would've, could've, should've.  I'm moving on and already have 13 miles in for the month of November.

October 5th  "Running is a kind of play. When you are moving well, you feel like a spectator enjoying this movement of your own.  If there is a great crowd with you, you are moved."- Joshua Kimeto, runner
This is why I love Chicago Marathon, because you are definitely moved by the crowd participation.  Some people don't like the distraction, but I do.

October 8th "Records don't mean much.  Racing is about people and not clocks".  Steve Ovett, middle-distance runner

I find it a little amusing that this quote came the day after I did the Chicago Marathon.  I was kind of fixated on if I hadn't taken a pee break I would've been able to get a better time, or if I had done something different in my training could I have cut some time, etc, etc, etc. So it was good to read this quote so soon after the race and get back to reality.

October 9th "athletics, because it enables one to move to a better state of being, can be viewed as a branch of medicine, but one which fortunately finds room for spontaneity, ingenuity and judgement." 
Paul Weiss- philosopher
 More profound was what Kevin, author, wrote in regard to the above quote- here it is:
There is that side of running- the one that requires discipline, will, self-restraint, constancy.  But if you emphasize that side too much, you will kill your desire to run.  You've got to be willing to let go, too.  Take all the "musts and "shoulds" out of it.  Running can't always be associated with obligation, duty, self-denial.  It must feed your soul as well as your body.  There has to be fun and pleasure in it.  When you run, there has to be an element of play to it.  

I think that text could be applied to many facets of life, but the running one hits home.  Sometimes I lose sight in the playfulness of running and the enjoyment I get out of it.  When that happens I need to take a step back and likely take a break.

October 11th "Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion." Martha Graham, choreographer and dancer

The author I think sympathizes with us and realizes that we may be reaching the end of our running year and start feeling burned out.  This line reminds me to do things I love with passion and that will be a greater life than those who are so "by the book" that they lose sight of the potential to be happy/passionate.

October 23 "Only two rules really count; never miss an opportunity to relieve yourself; and never miss a chance to rest your feet." Duke of Windsor

Yep this is right up my alley.  The author goes onto talk about how if you are preoccupied with the fact that your bladder is full that you are likely not able to run as well and fast and hence "relieving" yourself is very helpful.

October 28th "Breathing is like etheral drinking.  It is a luxury simply to exist." Henry Ward Beecher- writer

Kevin has an interesting take on the above which I found to be beautiful:
Breath is life.  Life is breath.  If you have any doubts about the truth of those two sentences, stop breathing for a moment.  Life ends when breath ceases...It's said that few people really exercise their lungs when they breathe.  They breathe shallow as a rule, never exercising their full capacities.  They never take the gift of breath for granted.  Not runners.  They know its sacred importance... Live life, breath deep and run. 

October 29th "Nobody running at full speed has either a head or a heart." W.B. Yeats

Kevin goes on to talk about how we all are so very busy and how slowing down and using running to "help reset your internal clock. I truly believe in this because on the days I don't run I just don't feel as well as morning run days.  He also talks about how taking time to run, even during very hectic periods in your life it will benefit your body in so many varied ways

So a short running month, but I needed the recovery time and now with  a nother goal in my head (1,000+++ miles in 2012) I move onward to some more great runs.

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