Sunday, December 30, 2012


This morning I ran my last run for 2012- a 6 miles in 12 degree warmth :).  It was a tough run due to the elements.  I found out that my ipod doesn't like 12 degree weather and stopped working a mile into the run.  My legs were like frozen tree trunks trying to get started.  My gator kept on frosting over at my mouth area due to my breathing.  However, no music or podcasts and chilly toes and I finished the 6 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes.  So drum roll.....
My mileage for 2012: 1,001 miles.  It feels good to accomplish this small feat for me.  I'll do my full end year review of running in a day or two.
Also, another milestone- yesterday I finished Anna Karenina.  It took me about a month and 2 weeks to read.  I enjoyed it, but don't really think I'll recommend it to anyone.  It is a tough book and somewhat confusing if you let all the Russian names/nicknames, etc bog you down.  I thought it was interesting that I actually enjoyed reading about the story line of Levin and Kitty more than Anna and Vronsky.  Anna was not a woman I look up to or plan to have my daughter or niece want to emulate.  I know I didn't get all of the political undertones and topics either, but sometimes I just need to read a book "as is" meaning just a good old fiction story reading and not as a book club analyst.  It felt good to get this book read and one of my motivators was the kids and I and my mother in-law went to the library two days ago and I picked up the 4th Armand Gamache mystery by Louise Penny- only two chapters in, but enjoying it immensely.  I too will have my book list of "wish to reads" for 2013 in upcoming post.  
So now onto a hot shower and two days of no running and eating and drinking whatever I so choose- it is the end of 2012- I hope to send it out with happiness, relaxation, family time and some more good books.

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