Sunday, December 16, 2012

The season upon us...

and it is just flying by.  I found out that my Picassa Album is full (the free album is full) so I will be putting my money in so I can get back to bringing you fun pictures with my posts.  I always enjoy pictures with the posts.  I tried to share these pictures with you a few weeks ago so here I try again...

A few of my Christmas favorites...

 My snowman village- some of these snowmen are mine, some are ones I inherited from my mom.  I love putting the snowmen up every year. Plus- snowmen can stay up through January right!

My husband and I get each other ornaments every year and this one (not the Elmo)- the greenhouse reminds me of my love of plants/gardening.

 O.K. this one is good.  I made it in 1980 when I was four years old.  This horse ornament makes me smile and remember all the good times during childhood.

 A few years ago Hallmark came out with Fisher Price Ornaments.  This one depicts my favorite doll house I played with growing up.  The cool thing is this ornament's doorbell works when you ring it.  Another good childhood memory ornament.

Last, but not least my 1976 Christmas Bell.  I love these kind of ornaments.  Reminds you of your birth and all the years of putting the ornament on the tree.  

I hope you are taking some time to reminisce about Christmas this season.  I'm starting to learn that Christmas is not a happy time for everyone and there are not always "happy" memories that go along with Christmas.  I of course want everyone to "love" the season, but I also need to be o.k. with the fact that not everyone will feel the way I do and Christmas is to each of us really our own feelings/memories.  

I'm exhausted from this past week- the emotional loss of my friend, worrying about other friends and the added sadness of the Connecticut shootings.   However, amidst these bad emotions I find solace in the good ones: my friend's annual Christmas party, having my parents visit this past weekend and letting them be a part of our kid's Christmas Program at church this morning.  Also, loving that a few of my friends joined in the  viewing of the program and getting to meet my parents and be a part of not only my life but the kid's.  Those kind of memories along with an afternoon visit to one of my favorite places: the Library followed by a run will hopefully get me through my emotional exhaustion and continue enjoying this holiday season.  

I've missed writing lately and so hope to get back into it again.    

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