Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back to Reality

I'll keep this short...- no really I will. 

I'm back from being away from home for 11 days.  I traveled in 8 different states and stayed in three different places during the vacation time.  It was so great, but now back to life/reality:
laundry, "to do" lists (which overwhelm me currently), making lunch, work tomorrow, getting my head on straight to get ready for the week, let alone realizing that this week ends July 2013- where has the summer gone. 

I've gained some more adult perspective over my vacation time- life is indeed good and I should remember all the great things I have and people that I've been blessed to know in my life.  I have it good: good kids (healthy, a little snarky now and then, but good), great family (both in-laws and immediate), and a husband who I really enjoy sharing my life and dreams with. 

So back to reality, but with a fresh perspective, at least until I get annoyed by something at work or better yet before I even step out the door to go to work tomorrow.  It has been a busy/great month!

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