Friday, July 5, 2013

June Running

Total mileage was 66.  I'm at 424 total for the year and not super excited about the 96/month I would have to do to meet my goal of 1,000 miles in 2013.  Without training for Chicago this year my mileage is lower and also with doing so many 1/2s and upcoming sprint tri I'm just not able to get the miles in with the down weeks my "older body" needs these days.  So I move forward...

This past month was good up until I ran the Chicago Women's 1/2.  It messed with me physically, but more so mentally.  I like having a goal and I enjoying training for something and historically I've been a lucky runner and improved on my times most races.  I thought that was going to happen this time, but no luck.  Just wasn't my day.  So I was cranky, disappointed and took the week off to let my body and mind regroup. 

I've started my sprint tri training.  I was a little overzealous on my first bike ride on Monday and paid for it with sore knees the rest of the week which cut down my running mileage.  I swam at the natatorium and was reminded about how much endurance you need to swim long distance.  One more run to go this week.  Then onto week two.  My goal is to run 3 days a week, swim one day and ride bike another day.  It feels good to have an excuse to decrease the running this month, but I also realize with even less days running I will also have less mileage gained this month so it is a tough "see saw" of sorts.  Can't "have your cake and eat it to" all of the time.  Hope to have a more exciting and positive running report at the end of July. 

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