Friday, July 5, 2013

June Reads

It was a challenging reading month in June.  I read a couple of long books that weren't my favorites and so I felt like it was taking me forever to get through a couple of books and move onto ones I really was interested in.  Here they are in no particular order..

      Beautiful Ruins
This was our book club book for June.  I was disappointed in it.  Too many story lines going on and some of them not too interesting.  It as a long one and I kept reading thinking it was going to get better and it just never got there for me. 
      A Long Way from Chicago (A Long Way from Chicago, #1)
I started reading Newberry Award winners and thought this was one of them, but then realized that is was not a winner, but a  Honor in 1999.  However, I'm glad I read this one with the kids, because my oldest enjoyed it so much he wanted to read the other two in the series, which one of them was a Newberry Award winner.  The story is great and the main characters are all very strong and interesting, especially the grandma.  Fun family read. 
      Inkheart (Inkworld, #1)
Two of my friends recommended this one.  The one said it is a book for those who love books.  It was an o.k. read, but I think that the book had been too hyped up for me and so I just kept expecting more.  Don't think I'll be reading the other two in this trilogy. 

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