Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Running

I kind of feel like a "broken record" these days in regard to running.  I'm running fine, no injuries (knock on wood), no high stress long runs due to not training for Chicago, and pretty perfect running weather (minus last week's "heat wave")- so why am I running so darn slow?  Earlier in the year when I was following the Another Mother Runner 1/2 marathon training plan I was running some pretty fast miles/short distances- these days I am running at 10 min mile to 10:30 min mile. 

Am I not pushing myself?  Do I need the break and my body is just feeling more relaxed and at easier pace at current min mile speed? Am I getting old? Am I lazy?  Yep asked myself these things just last week when I wrote about my horrific treadmill run at home (aka single mom week so forced to run "the mill"). 

So instead of over analyzing it and feeling bad and defeated about it I've shared the above thoughts and am moving on.  Moving onto finishing training for my third 1/2 of the year.  Moving onto still loving running as much as ever.  Moving onto being me and maybe 10 min mile is who I am right now. 

So here is the recap of my August runs...
Total mileage running- 63 for a total of 540 miles in 2013.  Only four months left and won't be making the 1,000 mile goal this year as I can't do or better sad have no desire to run 115 miles/month for the next four months. 

I ran 2 7 miles, one 8 miler and the rest were 3-5 miles with at least one or two days of cross training (bike or swim) per week.  My fastest time was my tri time of 2.1 miles at 18 min, however, of late my times have been SLOW- Tuesday morning 3 miles in 32:09 (10:53 min mile).  O.k, O.k., O.k, I'm getting over it and moving on.

Next step finishing up the 1/2 marathon training schedule for my October 20th 1/2.  Then a week off running and then I want to get back at it with goal of running 4 days/week with at least one semi long run 7-8 miles/week.  We will see how this pans out, but I always feel like after I write it down it is more likely to happen.  Onward to September- Happy Fall Running!

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