Saturday, September 7, 2013

Realistic Running

Lying on my sister's couch having a lazy afternoon of family hanging out while waiting for the "big game" to come on.

Read this great article and had to share this quote from an article titled "In Her Shoes: Why do women run? Because they're human,of course". Peter Segal,author, ran with two great runners- women- and thought he was going to have some great epiphany on women running "ideas" he could share with his own daughters.

What he found was," Everybody runs-or doesn't- for their own reasons... There are no perfect runners, and although you can improve, sometimes greatly, you can never train yourself out of your own body and mind". So true, so true! Be true to whom you are and what you can be. Not to say you should be lazy, but you are who you are. We are runners in our own way.

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