Friday, September 6, 2013

Little Free Library- no longer a dream

So this week the LFL I have been working on getting built, painted, filled and put in community space has happened.

This all started last November when I attended a meeting about the LFL movement- check back at posts if want that story. I left that meeting filled with ideas and places I thought the LFL could happen. I wanted it to be a community place- where those in need and the masses would have access to it.

After some letter writing and selling my idea I found a "taker" in the local community food bank. Then came my problem of finding someone to either help me build (my shop class from 6th grade probably wasn't going to be enough).

Well I found the "woodsman" in my soon to be next door neighbor. He had approached us about a tree on our lot that would need to come down for our house construction. I told him yes and then asked "can you build a LFL if we give you the tree?" He said sure. I gave him mock up blueprints from the LFL website and he went with it.

Then I got lucky again when this great neighbor said " my brother-in law is an artist he's working on painting it now".

I was further surprised to find out that he used wood from our tree that we gave him to make this LFL. As you can see it is perfect.

We made it moveable so that it can be moved around in the food bank and we didn't have to weatherize it which made it great too.

I filled the library this morning and was so proud to see it filled. The volunteers were just so excited to have it in their space. Next step is to get my LFL registered so it is part of the registry and noted on the map. These are popping up everywhere- even internationally. With registration we get a plaque to be placed on the LFL with a basic saying of Read and Learn- take a book and return a book.

I will post when it officially gets registered. Super Friday! Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. NAT! This is SO awesome. I didn't know it was being built from the tree on your lot. I just love this - it is so you :)