Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finish Strong

Meant to write about this on Thursday after my long run for the week but alas it is now Sunday- better late than never.

Despite having trained for a handful of marathons, 1/2's and sprint tris I still seem to get mentally fatigued at the height of my training. No matter whether I'm training for short or long distances. I get grumpy and just "blah". Sometimes I wonder if this is a sign I'm not a "real" runner. If I was a "real" runner my mileage would be 30 miles a week not 18-22:)- these days. Running a 9 miler would be nothing. But I think it is just me, I am a runner, but maybe never, ever an elite or ultra runner.

So when my daughter got sent home with high fever from school Wed I started worrying about how I was going to get my 9 miles in on Thursday. I had planned on running after hubby got home from his run at 7 am. I'd run when kids were at school. I knew what the fever meant -no school for daughter- and at kindergarten age I didn't think it would be smart of me to leave her for 90 min + run lying at home watching Disney Jr. So we improvised. Hubby ran Wednesday night and I was out the door by 5:30. I haven't run that early for awhile- I'm getting spoiled having both kids in school and being able to run in the morning but not "crack of dawn/so dark out I'm wearing a head lamp" morning.

I was not looking forward to it. I got up marched down stairs and found this sign on our fridge. Amazing how 2 words can change your attitude. Wasn't sure if hubby put it on the fridge for me, him or both of us. (He later said "whoever" when I asked him who he put it up for). I felt like my whole run an mental outlook really changed. I thought about these two words and how important the hardest part of any training schedule really is. The training is truly the hardest part of the race, not the actual miles run on race day.

So Finish Strong is my new mantra for now- maybe it will work for you in whatever goal, race or just life you are trying to live and experience. Put a sign like this on your fridge and see if it has same effect on your outlook as it did mine.

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