Thursday, January 2, 2014

December and year end running recap

December- total mileage: 49 mile
                - goal was run 1 mile or more each day in December- Met Goal
                - 30 day challenge (Teresa Howes comprised 30 days of different prescribed activity: 100 push ups, 100 lunges, 100 abs, run a mile, tricep day, plank day, and one day of your choice ( rest day or pick your favorite and repeat or test yourself and do all)- Met Goal and proud to say never took a rest day always picked Abs to repeat because i need to whittle that stomach away :)

Did some swims and a couple of bike activities, but nothing too intense. Was a good month of activity, but not high mileage.

Running 2013 Recap
Goal of 1,000 miles running- Not Met
Total mileage ran: 780

I think I didn't meet the mileage goal because I ran no marathon this year and that is when I normally pile up the miles. Don't get me wrong I wasn't a slug and did plenty of racing, just didn't do the long distance training. My farthest run all year- 13.1 (several times). My highest mileage came in September with 93. My shortest mileage month was February with 38 ( I also took a week off in Feb hence adding to the lower mileage).

Races I ran in 2013:
1. Leprechaun Dash 10k- March
2. Ronald McDonald 1/2 marathon Iowa City- May
3. Chicago Women's 1/2 marathon- June
4. Sprint Tri Oswego- August
5. 5K for Healthy Kids Iowa City- August
6. Run for Schools 1/2 marathon Iowa City- October
7. Food Run 5K Coralville- November

Favorite race of 2013- Run for Schools (even though the last hill killed me mentally). It was perfect running weather and had my favorite cheering crew- my kids and hubby.

I'm also happy to write that 2 of the above races I ran with my son- super fun and the best to be able to tell your child to "take off" or " leave me" at the end and see him sprint to the finish line! Darn I wish I had those fast twitch muscles.

Great year of running! Super excited for what I have in store for 2014.

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