Monday, January 27, 2014

21 day Detox Ends

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... but I know that I didn't follow the Detox plan to a "t".  The first week I definitely did (both nutrition and work out).  The 2nd week I followed the workout plan, but had added "adult beverages" didn't stick to my 2/week.  The 3rd week I biked, swam, and ran, but didn't do all 6 of the daily 21 minute workouts she has for the program and I didn't keep to the minimum of "adult beverages". 

No worries no need to call AA, just had a couple of social nights where I didn't indulge in all the sweets like I normally would, but did enjoy having some beverages. 

So where did all this get me.  At the start I weighed 4.5 lbs heavier than I do today.  the first week I lost 3 lbs and the 2nd week I lost 2.5 and the third week I maintained my overall weight with no gain or loss.  I did measurements: waist, bust, hips, and abs and I believe I lost in all areas- the most I lost was in my hips.  However, I think measuring yourself is really hard and subjective so not going to get overly excited about the difference in number.  Weight loss and decreased measurements weren't my goal, but just sharing because to me was amazing to see how it does change your body/figure (in just 21 days). 

Besides the numbers I do definitely feel my nutrition improved just by all the different vegetables, fruits, etc I tried for the first time.  My portions were well controlled.  My water intake was up there.  My caffeine intake was controlled and my sugar/sweets consumption were definitely decreased. 

I felt pretty good throughout it all, minus day 9 of the detox when I seriously felt like if I didn't have any carbs I wasn't going to be able to function- I had that "brain fog" and no I wasn't sleep deprived, dehydrated, or hung-over :)- I truly think I was missing carbs.  I picked heavier carb items for my meals (whole wheat macaroni noodles, quinoa, multi-grain English muffins, etc) and felt better.  After that passed I really didn't have any other complaints.  Well you know that isn't totally true- I won't be eating Beets again for a long time. 

I liked the meal prep and having my meals planned out for me.  I'm a planner so this was a fun thing.  I did a lot of ahead cooking on Sundays for the work week and then by Thursday/Friday had more time on my off days not too cook.  I do think grocery shopping becomes UBER organized because of meal prep too. 

The added workouts to my three runs, one swim and one bike day/week were good/challenging and I think needed.  I don't think I can workout more than about 6 days in a row though- body kind of shuts down.  I did 8 in a row during the detox and that 9th day I really needed a break.  I think strength training definitely helps and her core/arms workouts were some of my favorites. 

You don't want to know how many Monster Cookies I ate tonight
So where from here... I'm looking at training plans for my 2014 races and part of this training will definitely to be keeping the bar high for nutrition, hydration and sleep.  This detox was a good start for the new year and I'm glad I did it first and didn't do it at the same time as starting a training plan- I would have been too overwhelmed.  I know it doesn't sound overwhelming, but when you go from the Holiday season to drinking and eating whatever your heart desires to planned, healthy, portion controlled meals- if I had added training onto that I would have failed.  So tonight I'm enjoying my excess of Monster Cookies from my good friend and drinking some "Natalie pours" of Layered Cake Syrah.  But tomorrow morning back to the pool super early along with my planned meals and good water intake and no fun "adult beverage"/Monster cookie night :).   

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