Sunday, February 2, 2014

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Hoping to post my January reads and Runs/training tonight or tomorrow,but thought I'd share the following I've gleamed from the month of January:
1. Signing up with IAHEAT was a great thing- I have weekly spin class I attend,have met awesome people who are super nice and motivational, and learned a lot about what I don't know a lot about: swimming, biking,gear,races.
Some of my favorites:
- swim evaluation:I have good stroke and form, but need to lengthen my body out. I need to do intervals ( like in running) one fast lap,2 slow/recovery over and over, I should not rest at wall- because there is no "wall" in open swimming,and that I just need to get endurance.
2. Eating healthy.
- eating healthy isn't as hard and bad as I thought as long as I have it planned out. Planning takes time and work, but pay off is huge- ex.scrambling eggs with roasted potatoes,onions topped with avocado slices takes not too long to make,but once made is good for 3-4 breakfasts. Water is huge and less pop/coffee is also helpful. Favorite thing is that I've gone back to adult beverages and sweets, but in moderation or at least only "1 binge"/ week - no one is perfect :).
3.january flew by and I was active despite the elements.
- running: outside can be done if dressed appropriately and safely,when not able to run in the elements get a good movie on and get running for long runs,and to make shorter runs fly by and get greater effort out of workout do minute or longer hill intervals: start with warm up, run flat then increase incline 1-2% for minute,after minute hill go to flat for minute, then increase incline 2-3% for minute,and so forth. Made the workout fly by and hills were hard but anyone can do anything for a minute.
4. Random picture but So Good!
- last thing this sandwich was Yummy! Cinnamon raisin toast, cream cheese, crushed pecans or slivered almonds, sliced pears, and spinach. Yum- try it!
Happy Ground Hog's Day!

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