Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inside Out And Back Again

I always know when I really,really like a book. I can't wait until the end of the month to post on it. This Newberry Award winner is one of those books.

I had to look into "award" books for my 3rd grader for a reading program he is doing right now. He picked/chose "Shiloh"2003 winner. I read that one too- it was also good and worthy winner. However, anyone who can write a book in poetry form, tell a story with such little words- hence making those words truly powerful- well that is a Must Read!

This is a fiction piece, however it is based on the author's experience of the year from 1975-1976. I don't want to give much away,but as a hint she is from Saigon. History buffs think about Saigon mid 1970s. It is a great story that can teach so much to both the kids that will likely read it based on their school librarian's recommendation of Newberry Award Winners, but I think young adults and older adults could be reminded and educated about the topic of immigration through the beautiful words and story this book tells.

Seriously-Read It !

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