Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Training

Going to have to add a label for training. This is my monthly what use to be log of running miles, but now will be running, swimming and biking miles.

It was a good month despite it being horribly cold. The activities added as a bonus due to 21 day detox were helpful in keeping up my strength training and core workouts.

I ran 30 miles. Spinned 60 miles. Swam 4100 yards. I was busy most days of the month, but also found that I needed rest and took off one day a week.

Trying to get to spin class once a week, swim twice weekly and run 3 times/week. It will be interesting to figure out how to add one more bike day to week and have a rest day/week- this is what the tri plans (both sprint and HIM will be- different distances of course).

Lastly, I came across and interesting take on writing in a diary, journal, blog comparison. The writer said something that resonated with me- all of these involve writing as a form of self awareness. Couldn't agree more and why I write about what my trials/tribulations/goals/ accomplishments are in regards to being an athlete. So for those who find these posts of no interest or that I'm tooting my own horn - I'm writing them to become more self aware and evaluate how I'm doing and where I've gone astray from my goals and training. I also find it good to read about others trials and tribulations.,training, races etc because it can be motivational and educational. So maybe my writings will do the same for others. Happy February- where did January go!

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