Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Reads

Something about the start of the new year.  I not only have grandiose health and activity ideas/goals, but also reading ones too. 

One of my goals was to read quite a few of the books in my reading room that sit on the "to be read" shelf.  Unfortunately when you like to visit your local libraries frequently you see books that you just "have to read" and those books still sit on the "to be read" shelf.  May have to just hunker down and not permit any chattynatty checkouts at library- only books for kids, but there I even get looking, because I have found young adult and chapter books are great reading too. 

So off to another month and already I currently am not reading any books from the "to be read" shelf, but I am soon to start a Newberry Award winner "Shiloh" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  This one is a read so my son and I can have a book discussion and he also found out there is a movie based on the book.  The second book on my night stand is next month's book club book and it was a tough one to get from my one local library so I inter library loaned it- the nice thing about that is it forces you to get it read because you have limited time with the book. 

So what did I read in January:

1. Grace (Eventually) Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott
I so love this author's view on religion, people and motherhood/parenting.  I find so many lines in her books applicable to my own life or views or just "mother" stories that crack me up.  Great read!  Will keep reading her Nonfiction.  Tried to listen to one of her books on tapes for fiction and didn't like it, but wonder if I should actually read one of her fiction books and give her another chance due to the reader of audio books can sometimes ruin for you.

2. The Florist's Daughter by Patricia Hampl
This was probably my least favorite of the month's reads.  On the front cover was a quote from Pat Conroy (author of my favorite book Beach Music) stating something like "Patricia writes great memoirs".  After reading this book I wondered if he meant one of her other memoirs, because she has written a few.  I didn't like this one and was disappointed, but it wasn't "Virginia Woolf" bad and I plowed through it.  Sorry Patricia likely won't be reading another one of yours.

3. Still Just Grace by Charise Mercile Harper
Just as funny as first book.  Both of my kids enjoyed listening to me read it.  Ivy and Bean series I think is still my daughter's favorite right now, but this is a close 2nd. 

4. Booked To Die by John Dunning
The first of the Cliff Janeway mystery series.  Cliff is a cop who turn book store owner and solves some mysteries.  I found this book entertaining because it not only had murder, but had info about rare book sellers and buyers which I found interesting.  I will definitely read the 2nd one and if good continue on through the series. 

That is it for January- better get back to my book club read so that the Wyoming Public Library can get their book back :). 

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