Thursday, February 20, 2014

Strange week

The week started off with a great experience at the indoor Triathlon on Sunday.  Although I had to wait quite awhile to get in the pool and start the 10 min swim, 10 min bike and 10 min run (with transition of 10 min between swim/bike and 5 min between bike/run).  When you get older you get put in the later heats- guess I'm getting old I was in heat 7 out of 10.  But once I was in the swim it went as good as I could have hoped for- 500 meter swim, 5 mile bike and 1.25 mile run.  There were 9 of us in my age group and I ended up with first.  Totally surprised by that.
You'd think this would be cause for celebration, but unfortunately head cold/sinus gunk has put quite the damper on my week.  It started Saturday and then worsened after the tri and I ended up missing work Tue, Wed and was so yucky even missed one of my favorite nights of the month- Book Club. 
I've read, taken showers, used a lot of pseudophed and Ibuprofen, tried to push the fluids and OJ, slept and also preoccupied myself with figuring out my training schedule for upcoming Sprint Triathlon and HIM/70.3. 
I don't know whether its my cold or just coming to terms with what lies ahead, but trying to figure out my training schedule has added to my headache.  I was suppose to start my original 16 week sprint tri training plan this week and that is "out the window" because all I've mustered my body to do is run 3.36 miles.    I'm a planner so figuring out a training schedule is normally not too tough, but when you add up swim, bike, and run it is a little daunting.  throw in there trying to train for sprint tri and 1/2 marathon with addition of starting training plan for 70.3 tri at the end of the sprint tri training schedule and I was befuddled.   I've read different books, websites and blogs and come up with what is probably over my head, but I will learn soon enough whether my "plan" is a "fantasy" or "reality. I've used the beginnertriathlete 13 week sprint tri plan for the schedule for the pigman sprint tri.  I'm following Hal Higdon's 1/2 marathon plan for novice for the Ronald McDonald 1/2 May 3, and Matt Fitzgerald's super easy 70.3 training plan for the Pigman Long.  I'm making some revisions- for the Pigman Sprint tri schedule- I'm not following their run plan because I will be doing 3 runs a week schedule with Hal Higdon's 1/2 marathon training plan.  His has four runs/week, but I'm just doing one long, one short and hopefully one speedwork run/week.  The 70.3 training plan is based on mainly time/minutes on the bike and swim and then miles for runs.  I think the most daunting thing is it requires 3 run, 3 bike and 3 swim days/week.  There are only 7 days/week so as you probably figured out some of the days I will be needing to do two "activities".  I'm hoping to "multi-task"- what mom's do best, and work my bikes into a transportation mode to get me to the swims, and work and kid's activities.  I will also need to wake up early many days of the week in order to get this done. I also have to be more efficient with time in general- no leisure days eating bon bons and reading on the couch- you know what all of us moms do in our free time :). 
While I was penciling my training in I also was struck by the realization that maybe I should review this training schedule with my hubby, aka coach.  He too is training for races this year and I felt selfish having penciled my schedule in without thinking about his training schedule.  The great thing about him is he is super supportive  of my training and grandiose racing ideas (I know I'm super lucky- it breaks my heart when I hear other women talk about how their family thinks they are nuts or aren't supportive of their athletic endeavors).  He always seems to work around my schedule and luckily I am a morning workout girl and he is a night workout guy. 
 I can see why many people pay the money to have a coach for triathlons.  The coach normally figures out the training schedule and the athlete just shows up and does the schedule. The coach pushes, listens, and then says "buck up buttercup" or something harsher.   I'm cheap and have never had a coach for any of the marathons or 1/2s I've done so of course why start now :).  I rely on friends to listen to me vent and the "coach" to say "buck up buttercup" or something harsher.    I think I have it figured out- my training, at least it looks good on paper, and realize I'm in for a lot of FUN.  I'm glad I wrote the plan in pencil, although I'm a favorite of blue pens, but the pencil let me change it over and over.   It will be hard work, and I think a little like my first time out training for Chicago- I will definitely have to take it week by week and try not to look to far ahead or else I will likely have a panic attack.  I think the hardest thing will be to balance: balance being a mom, wife, worker, friend, sister, daughter, and athlete.  Balancing: family, work, training, and fun.  Balancing- I'm hoping I figure out through this year experience just how to balance- not do it all- just balance. 


Talking about balance- the start of the year I did great with better eating, meal planning, etc.  Lately I've fallen into that trap of not meal planning and when I don't plan I don't eat the best and spend money on food that is either way to pricey or not as healthy or both. It doesn't help being sick- that makes me even lazier with meals, cooking, etc. I also add to that "mom guilt" because when I'm not meal planning then my family isn't either and frozen pizzas, apples, and baby carrots go for a meal. At least there is a fruit and veggie right?  Here is to my journey of finding "balance" 
OJ, Blonde Misto, and almond croissant (told you life is about balance- 2 o.k. foods/beverages and Almond Croissant well keeps the scales tipped)

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