Monday, July 28, 2014

Training- how to find the time to fit all the workouts in

and also do all the other things I want and need to do?  I think my "crabby" factor not only comes from the physical fatigue of training, but also I'm doing more miles and so not feeling like I'm getting time to do all the other things I'm wanting or needing to do. 

This was the question that hit me last week while sitting waiting for church to begin. I decided to write a list of potential time "needs/wants" and this is what I came up with.
-hours in the week (24x 7= 168 hours)
- reading hours daily (ideally 1hr/day)
-writing (ideally 20-30 min/day)
-read with kids (ideally 30 min/day)
- workouts- depends on what is required but anywhere from 1-3 hours/day
- work days- 8 hours give or take (my Mondays are normally my long days and then I try to even out the rest of the hours of the week to equal 24- I'm extremely lucky and only work three days/week)
-dinner prep and eat 1hr/day
-prep for next day 30-45 min
-I'm forgetting the things like 15 minutes to get to work and then 10-15 min bus ride in on work days x2 for both in and out, or even better yet the time it takes to clean the house (lucky "the coach" is an excellent team player with this job, and we've started to utilize the kids as weekly vacuum helpers, but it still takes time to clean the house, do the yard work and general house maintenance)

- so I added it up:
Workday: I spend at least 9 hours including work and travel to and from work, workout 1-3 hours, dinner 1 hour, 30-45 min prep next day, 1 hour me reading, 30 min kids reading, and 30 min writing= 13.5 hours-16.5 hours (so about 7.5- 10.5 hours for sleep/day)

OK reality- I get around 7 hours of sleep nightly, except the days that are really rough (long bikes or runs) then I'm exhausted and try to go to bed earlier.  So after breaking down my day I tried to brainstorm ways to be more efficient in my day, what could I get rid of to give me more time. 

My two major "time sucks"- email and Facebook.  So I decided to try and be more efficient by looking at email only few times/day and took off the month from Facebook to see if my time became more efficient.  For as much as I love keeping in contact with friends/family there are a lot of other things about Facebook I won't miss. 

Time is too precious to me these days.  I have so many "wants" for how to spend my time- it's summer- pool time with kids (not just pool time consisting of doing laps either), reading as much as I can (I feel lately almost ravenous for books, about as ravenous as I am for food throughout the day), writing what's on my mind and trying different writing prompts, reading with the kids (I've truly enjoyed exploring some Newberry Awards with the kids this summer- first reads for all of us).  We will see if these minor changes to my time management will make me more efficient, accomplished and happier. 

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