Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week 11 and 12 training Pigman 70.3

Week 11 flew by.  We were without our kids for the week and so took advantage of time with "coach" to do some training.  Here is what I accomplished:

Total miles: 84
Swim: 2 miles
Bike: 62 miles
Run: 20 miles

I dropped one run and one bike from the schedule, but got 2 swims in.
I did 2 longer rides, but not in my eyes or training schedule "long enough"
The long run was horrendous- 14 miles total: 7 miles run and then a 7 mile run/walk with two out of the last 3 miles walking.  I was spent.  My shoes for some reason are giving me blisters and so some more were produced during this run and walking was less painful and irritating.  One of the new blisters was saying "hello" from the bottom of my foot. 
My long ride was suppose to be 60 miles, but I did only 50 and I was suppose to run for 10 minutes after but when I was done with the bike I was done!
I mentally wasn't into the long bike ride.  I mentally wanted to jump ship about mile 13- "the coach" and I were riding together so he really helped me keep going.  I appreciated his support, but also didn't like it because I felt like I was holding him back from having a faster training bike and also during the race I have to do it on my own- no "coach" by my side.  I really hit bottom in week 11.  I felt like I had reverted to my old "training self" the one who is being mentally and physically challenged by every workout.  I thought I had tamed this devil with the "fishbowl fall" a few years ago.  That fall and being sidelined from running for a month really made me appreciate the health and physical ability I had.  I need to find that appreciation again.

Week 12
Total:81 miles
Swim: 1 mile
Bike: 59 miles
Run:21 miles

Vacation kind of messes with the schedule, even when I got up three out of the five days I was in the Dells with family.  So I got my runs for the week done pretty quickly this week- ran three days in a row.  On my second run of the week my Nike TOM TOM (GPS running watch) finally kicked the bucket.  The screen was not visible- looked like a blob had melted across the whole screen.  Ordering a new base line Garmin- hope it comes soon. "Coach" and I are sharing his Garmin until mine comes in. 

Besides some running technology malfunction on vacation I also continued to be plagued by the lack or inability to "get it done" per what was ordered on my training schedule.  Only biked twice and the long one was suppose to be 4 hours but I could only tolerate 3 hours on the trainer.  I couldn't ride outside due to the kids being home with me on Thursday and Friday (no camp due to being in the Dells earlier in the week).  The kids enjoyed some morning movie time while I pedaled for three hours.  For some reason my butt hurts when sitting on the trainer way more than it does when I'm outside riding. 

We also had visitors this weekend and did a ton of landscaping so my Saturday was a "work day" in the yard, but no bike, swim or run.  So I made up for the two days off I had this week by doing all three disciplines today: swam 2000 yards in pool, came home and rode bike outside for an hour and 30 minutes and then finished the trifecta up with a two mile run.  Felt good to get all three workouts in today. 

Despite not getting all the scheduled workouts in I still managed to get in some good quality workouts and mileage.  Back to the "schedule" this week.  Going to be hot so going to try and push myself in the heat to simulate the heat I may have to deal with when I do Pigman Long- countdown 4 weeks left of training. 

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