Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 13 training Pigman Long 70.3

Can't believe only 3 more weeks until the big race. This coming week I have the Oswego I Tried a Tri race back home.  It is a sprint (mini sprint really) 250 yard swim, 6 mile bike and 2 mile run.  So I normally have a taper/rest week the week before the race, but alas I will still need to do at least a big bike this week.  Kind of screws up my training schedule, but I'm kind of feeling like I'm not really doing a good job following the training plan anyways.

Total mileage this week: 75
Swim: 2miles
Bike: 49
Run: 24

My swim on Friday was BLAH!  I have the total "end of training" crabbies.  My arms were dead on Friday- not sure if it was the household manual labor I did on Thursday after the long bike ride or what, but my arms just felt exhausted, which isn't the norm. I just couldn't do the full 2000 and made it 1750 before giving in and getting out of the pool.   My run mileage was good this week.  I felt really exhausted Friday and sore all over by Friday night, this is a norm the day after a long ride, so I used my son's "super bouncy ball" as a massage ball and tried to work out the tight muscles in the legs and then went to bed reasonably early. 

Got up Saturday and head out for the run at around 6:10.  Two hours and 8 minutes later I was done.  I felt tons better than I thought I was going to, which is always a nice feeling.  After the run I got on my bike and road to breakfast with the family.  It was a relaxing ride, "coach" (aka hubby) said he wouldn't count our 7 mile bike as a bike for training mileage because it was at a ridiculously slow pace, but I however, am going to count every mile I can. 

I slacked on the bike rides this week, other than the 42 mile, and I just couldn't force myself to get on the bike again after swimming today so I'm being a slacker and saying screw it and instead enjoying a nice leisurely afternoon doing nothing (HA- yeah right- laundry, dinner prep, reading, writing, trying to ignore my arguing children).

This coming week will be a good rest week for me- forced due to the race.  I'm hoping it will rid me of some of "crabbiness".  Onward HO!

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