Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ho Hum Sunday...

For some reasons Sundays are my unhappiest day of the week historically- I don't know if it is because it is the end of the weekend, I'm exhausted from all the week's activities or I'm dreading return to "real life" schedule- work, kids, run, eat, sleep, etc. 

My week has been kind of Ho Hum this week in regard to running.  I'm keeping up with my goal of greater than 1 mile per day for the month of January, but my time and mileage haven't been stellar. I feel like all my entries this week have been "Debbie Downers"- "only got 3 miles in", "the ice and cold preventing me from running faster", etc.  I've just been plane old negative about it.  Or at least that is how I've felt this week.  That said, after I get in my run today before yoga class I'll have logged 20 miles this past week- and that really isn't anything to complain about.  We are our hardest critics.  I had to remind one of my daily mile friends that when she logged her 9.5 mile run on the treadmill in 1 hour and 20 minutes today and said it was "meh" workout.  To me that is amazing- 6 miles is my personal record for mileage on the treadmill and about 1 hour is my PR at the mileage on the good old hamster wheel- so the fact that this runner did almost 10 miles in under 1 1/2 hours on the "Mill" is amazing to me.

So instead of feeling Ho Hum I will carry on and I will also give myself a break and likely a. take a nap this afternoon (true sign I'm really exhausted) b. get my run in, even if its only 2 miles c. go to Yoga, because I truly know how much better mentally and physically I'll feel after doing this d. Stop on way home and buy myself a fountain drink (I love carbonated drinks :)) and maybe some peanut M&M's to go with it :) e. look at my upcoming 2013 running/race schedule to help kick my butt into happier running gear f. lie on the couch and watch a movie with kids after dinner and g. go to bed lying next to my hubby with a good book in hand.  I think all of the above added together turn my Ho Hum Sunday into an awesome start to this week.

Side note:
Here are some of my favorite blog posts or items I've discovered this past week via time spent on computer....


These were found on the post by Michigan Runner Girl ( ).  I liked both o these sayings.  had a great post titled "Dear Running: (a love letter)" that I absolutely loved.  Read it and it will remind you, like it did me why I myself should write a letter titled "Dear Running: ( a love letter)".  (  I especially liked the picture and quote at the end- totally motivational! Might have to add this one to my bathroom mirror.
Lastly, has a 2013 printable calendar for free that you can print out and it has great quotes and pretty font/coloring.  This is a great way in which to log thoughts on running, mileage, weather, and maybe even some added ideas like (what did you think about on the run, what did you eat today- what helped or hindered fuel for running, etc).  I like writing/note taking so I will definitely be printing this free calendar out and using it for some writing/logging project.
Well onto reading, napping, and the rest of my day turning the Ho Hum Sunday upside down!
I am finalizing my race/running schedule and plan to post those goals for 2013 soon.
I'm also weeding through my "to Read list" for 2013 and will have those to share in upcoming post too.  

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