Friday, January 4, 2013

One clean fridge is a great way to start the New Year...

So it is the New Year and we got home from vacation time on Wednesday.  We had little to no food in our fridge (wish I would have taken a before).  While my hubby was out picking up some milk and bread to get us through the day or two until I could get to the store the kids helped me scour the fridge.  Let me tell you it is amazing how much brighter the fridge looks since being cleaned. 
I also went through the whole fridge and got rid of all the expired items like: eggs, dressings, ice cream sundae syrup, etc. 

So along with cleaning the fridge out the following are a few other ideas/goals I have for 2013.  I don't like the words New Year's Resolutions, just like I don't like the words Date Night.  Don't know why just doesn't sit well with me hence I don't use them.  But as you readers who have followed this blog know I do like the idea of Goals/Ideas...
So here is to 2013:
1. Be present in the present.  I do not do a very good job with looking at the here and now and am either looking back at the past or planning the future.  One idea I had for this was limiting my screen time when around my kids (i.e. on my phone checking mail, texting, talking, on computer when at home with them present).  This would include not texting or chatting when in car because you know that is a bad habit that I don't want my kids to get in the habit of when they drive (I know the planner in me already thinking about oldest driving in 8 years).  I'm having a tough time with the talking on the phone thing in the car, but am at least trying to stay off the phone while the kids are in the car with me.  I'm removing texting in the car for all driving times. 
2. Write a letter a week.  This idea came to me after looking at the following blogs while cooped up with the Xmas Plague of 2012 : Today's letter blog, Simplicity Embellished blog and Love Notes blog.  I've always enjoyed getting "real" mail- I know big surprise- I am addicted to getting home and immediately checking the mail box.  Don't know why, because a lot of "real" mail doesn't get sent anymore.  So I've decided to take on this goal/challenge to 1.practice the almost lost art form of letter writing 2. reconnect with those I haven't for awhile 3. stay creative with my writing- another way I can be happy (because I have found I'm happy when writing).
3. Run a bunch- 1,000+++ miles in 2013.  This time however, I don't think I'll be training for a marathon.  I enjoyed this past year and the year before, but like I said in earlier post it just kind of hit me the other day "no Chicago this year" and so I'm listening to myself.  Instead I plan to try and find a bunch of 1/2 marathons to run throughout this year and other races too.  If anyone has any great race suggestions let me know or if they know of great website to find 1/2 marathons in the Midwest that would be great too.  My January challenge is the same one I did last year- run every day at least 1 mile or more for the month of January.  I've done pretty good so far, but am not logging in tons of miles doing a lot of 2-3 milers/day.  However, all miles adds up and running in this cold has dampened my running longevity a little bit. 
4. Read a bunch- read more in 2013 than I did 2012.  This includes listening to books and doing a better job of logging chapter books I read to the kids.  On my list this month: book club book "Thornbirds" by Colleen McCullough, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone- kids, Bedtime (to take the place of "My Year of Running" Book)- trying to find books that either have short chapters or are poetry.  I'm starting with "What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self" by Ellyn Spragins.  This book is composed of letters that women (famous) have written to themselves and have some theme within the letter.  I'll let you know how it goes.                        
5. Yoga a Day- Grow Soul Beautiful website has a yoga pose a day that you can look at on their site.  My goal is to do each of the January poses on the day asked.  I'm not participating in the sending a picture of myself to the site though :).  That might be over the top TMI for them.  I miss Yoga and know all the benefits (mental and physical) but also seem to have an excuse for not getting it done, so with the start of this new year I hope the pose a day turns into more than just one pose a day and I get my butt back into some Yoga classes in 2013. 
Well I think that is enough for now- enough goals/enough challenges/ and enough to keep me on track and happy!  Happy New Year!            

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