Friday, January 4, 2013

Our 1st annual

Our first, hopefully, annual Craft Day.  My sister and I hosted at my mother in-laws home a craft day.  My mom, mother in-law, sister in-law, sister and her mother in-law were invited ( oh and the kids).  We picked two crafts to do for the adults.  Due to the "Christmas Bug" that flew rampantly amongst all of us the kids actually played together and didn't get involved in the crafting this year. 
Step one go to GoodWill or any thrift store or your closet and pick out wool sweaters you have no qualms about cutting up.  Then my sister found this great circle pattern (16 circles total) that you trace around the different sweaters/colors you desire and then you take a wire and thread it through the center of the circles add a wooden star to the top and voila you have a very fun wool xmas tree.
Sis cutting out circles.

Finished product- you could bend the wire which ever way you wanted hence the one in the back that is leaning some.  Then we moved on to using more of the sweaters- the arms/sleeves.  We cut the sleeves off and sewed the sweater sleeves so that they made cute wine bottle covers.  Perfect for gifts or just putting a little whimsy into your side board/wine rack at home. 

The wine covers were made for both tall and short bottles of wine. 

Here are the finished products!
I should've taken a picture of our food spread too.  Each person brought an appetizer to share along with apple cider, coffee, water and pop.  Due to the cutting component we decided to stay away from the adult beverages for this party.  Everyone had a great time and we are already talking about our next year's craft day. 

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