Friday, June 6, 2014

Break Week

I'm almost a week behind my normal/regular posts of books I read for the month and training/miles recap for the month.  I jut feel checked out this week- like I need a break.

Maybe it is the post-race recovery week.  Maybe it is the fact that I've had some late nights- one accompanied by quite a few "natalie pours".  I've given myself this week.  Instead of stressing about all that I'm not accomplishing I'm trying to savor this break or brief breathe of a less jam-packed life.

Now don't get me wrong I haven't just been eating bon bons (although I indulged in oreo balls with the "natalie pours").  I've done some workouts, but I also again took them at a more leisurely pace.  I stayed up late finishing a good mystery with the rest of the house sleeping.  Laundry of course is always done and a few healthy meals served to the family, but just a little slower pace.

Staying up late and eating unhealthy and indulging in vino and spending time with friends/books aren't the norm if I want to function fully as mom, wife, professional, and triathlete, but the break week is a good reminder of how we chose our life's path, with of course guidance and all knowing power of "the one/the being". 

So I will get reinvigorated and return to training, better sleep schedule, and ever constant struggle to be the best mom, wife and "fueler of my body" I can be.  Bust just for the next few days I will be a little less "on".  A good way to start the summer life and get recharged for the life ahead.

Off to ride on trainer and watch a movie- I know it is beautiful outside, but I really just want to sit in the basement and be able to watch a movie I've checked out twice now, but too tired to actually watch.  "The years are short, but the days long" (someone famous said this once and I'm pretty certain it was a multitasking woman!). 

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