Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pigman Sprint Triathlon

Pigman Sprint- Done!
I had to write a separate post for this one- the miles will definitely get added to my Pigman 70.3 training quest and I will write on this week's training later, but I just wanted to reflect on this little something I accomplished today.  Pigman Sprint Triathalon in Palo, IA. 
Here are the stats:
Time overall: 1:45:19
Place 439
Gender Place: 131
Division Place 20 (out of 31)
Swim(500m) 11:28
Bike (15.6 mile) 58:43
Run (5K) 29:03
T1 (transition from swim to bike): 4:42
T2 (transition from bike to run) 1:22
What does all of this really mean- well a lot! 
The swim was better than I hoped for, but I didn't do the best I physically know I can.  I swam to much breast stroke and went to my back 3 x's due to feeling like I could get farther going that way instead of sticking and getting in rhythm with my free style.  I needed my coach- AKA Susan "the mermaid" there to be telling me to just keep swimming and focus on reaching out and pulling down instead of making excuses to breast stroke and backstroke.  However, I finished the swim and didn't drown or need rescue help.  I sucked getting out of the water.  I walked out, not ran out. I was so happy to be done with the swim.
I feel like I lost transition time just by not having little things like my fruit chews not open and I was struggling to get those darn kid proofed fruit snacks open :) before hopping on the bike. 
The bike was good.  Well good for me.  This was something I was concerned about, because I historically of late haven't been reaching 15 mile/hour pace like I wanted to, but I did it today.  However, looking at the overall area I could improve in regarding time really was the bike.  I need to just bike more and push it. 
Off the bike I felt good starting my run and my T2 time was fast.  As usual I felt like should've had a faster 5K time based on the few times I glanced down at my watch- was trying to keep my pace under 9 min mile.  However, I finished strong and finished the race safe and sound.
Following the race the only thing that really bothered me was not really my "sits bone" but the left inner thigh area attached to the left butt bone- sorry TMI.  Just another reason I need to "sit in the saddle" for longer periods of time.  Think my butt/inner thigh was just whining about the ride.  Afterwards caught up with hubby- who finished ahead of me (big surprise- not) and members of IA HEAT- the tri group I'm a member of.  I really can't say enough about how lucky I was to come upon these people.  They have been supportive, encouraging, great mentors and many good friends. 
What I learned from this race:
1. I'm in a whole new caliber of athletes.  Walking around getting ready for the race this morning I was surrounded by athletes.  Their bodies were fit, lean, and sculpted.  They are competitors!  I was definitely a "newbe", but like looking forward to aspiring to be like many of them.
2. I liked that they put our ages on our calves (well actually they put the age you will be at the end of the year- so I had a big old 38 on both calves).  I didn't quite get this until I got on the bike and it was motivating to be able to pass 28 year olds,  but at the same time was humbling to be passed by a 57 year old female. Never been so interested in looking at other's calves.
3. I have to swim- not breast stroke, but swim and that will make the swim go by that much quicker- especially when I jump from swimming 500 m to 1.2 mile in Pigman 70.3.
4. Have to somehow get faster on the bike.
5. Pigman 70.3 is going to be TOUGH!  I will need to train during sun and heat to get used to potential race day environment because there is no shade cover on this course and I'm going to be out there a lot longer next time.  I have a lot to work on, but I'm actually feeling pretty good about it. 

This is me after the race.  We didn't have spectators there so made hubby take some pics of me afterwards. 

Left: One of the awesome ladies to help mentor me into my first Open Water Swim Tri.  Above: IA HEAT: look at all those Pigs.  We got 2nd for Club winners. 

Hubby/AKA Coach did great.  He beat me in the swim which I think is a first- darn my mental fatigue and not just swimming my freestyle.  Another goal for Pigman 70.3- don't let hubby beat me on swim.  He passed me on the bike with 3 miles to go- wouldn't be a typical tri if he didn't pass me on the bike :).  I'm so lucky to have such a supportive husband and partner in this crazy "training" lifestyle we lead.  While I was napping this afternoon he was pitcher for the kid's "handball game" in the basement.  He seems to fit all in.

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