Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 8 and 9 training for Pigman 70.3

I meant to post on week 8 training on my way to Myrtle Beach, but never got around to it. So here is one post for two weeks if training. Week 8 Total- 75.54 miles Swim- 1.74 miles Bike- 63 miles Run- 10.8 miles I had planned to be heavy on biking miles because I wouldn't be biking my week at the beach. I accomplished that. I would've or should've gotten in another run but I chose a birthday party, and writing group instead of fitting that extra run in among packing for vacation. Week 9 Total - 28.28 miles Swim- 1.53 miles Bike- 0 Run- 26.75 miles My goal was to run 4 times and swim four times. I made the run goal and am happy with the miles I covered in the SC heat and humidity. I only swam twice though. The first day I felt pretty good in the open water of the Atlantic Ocean in my wet suit. The second day we went much farther and we turned around to head back to where we came from it was so crazy. I felt like I was caught in a washing machine tumbling and fumbling, taking in salt water, gagging and being challenged with the inability of my goggles to stay appropriately sealed. Salt water on the eyeballs is harsh. I even tried to just close my eyes and swim in the dark but then I really felt like I was in the drum of a dark washing machine. After that day I just had no desire to tackle it again. So the next day I just said no and the fourth day I was physically expired due to the 12 miler in the heat. So as I travel back home today I look at this week 10 of training- two swims, 3 bikes and 3 runs. That is my goal. Likely toughest week yet- 50 miler bike and 13 mile run plus all the other minor runs,bikes and swims:). Oh and just because I need it going to do the 30 day core challenge from "eat,drink and be skiny". Need this! Onward to week 10.

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