Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 5- 70.3 Training

Mileage for week: Ran 12, Bike 25.6, and Swam 2900.

I ended the training week with the Pigman Sprint, which I've already wrote on.  Looking back at last week I swam 3 times (which was the most in one week I have swam- other than those days back when I was a kid and would go to the pool daily), biked twice and ran 4 times.  It was a good week and swimming twice in open water and then once in the pool helped me get my "monkey off my back" for the Sprint on Sunday.

After races I always analyze and talk in my head and sometimes out loud about the would of/could of moments in a race.  Swimming time was o.k., but if I had just kept swimming, how much better could it have been.  I biked faster than I have been biking during the week, but looking ahead (which I love to do) I need to crank in some more revolutions so I'm closer to 18 miles/hour so I'm not on the bike forever during Pigman Long.  Lastly, I need to go back to one long run, one run 1/2 of my long for the week, and then one day of speedwork.  I need the endurance to get me through the end of the race.  I also need the mental experience of pushing myself further or else come race day it will be a challenge. 

So onto another week of training... Happy Trails to you, until we meet again :)!

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