Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hardest training session to date for 70.3

I left around 8 am. I could feel the heat the minute I left the air conditioned resort. Earlier in the week one of my three water bottles from my hydration belt fell and broke while I was running so going into today I knew I would need to stop and fill up my bottles during run.

I'm currently listening to "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed. This is our book club book for July and since I've already read it decided to listen to it during my long runs. Well I ran for about 5 miles before I realized,sadly, that all the tracks hadn't been uploaded to my iPod and so I could either skip from part 3 to go to part 5 or listen to something else. I had made a Myrtle Beach playlist (I know my playlist titles are so original) and pushed play. It got me going again and I made it to my first water stop (mi 5). I went in and purchased a Gatorade. Went up to pay for it and was standing behind this guy who was paying for his muffin and coffee. His cell phone started ringing and he had to answer it. He pulled it out of his pocket and opened it and in the process managed to spill the coffee all over the floor. Do you think he batted an eye or told his caller "I'll call you back I just made a huge mess". You guessed it -nope. He continued talking while "Jennifer" the Kangaroo gas station attendant cleaned up after him. Meanwhile two other workers came out and they helped her clean up while she let me pay for my drink at another register. I was so infuriated by this man. He never said sorry,but remained on his phone the whole time. I left and gave "Jennifer" a nod of utter annoyance about this rude man. Side note- when stopping at water stops or if stopping to cross street at cross walks I will pause my Nike Tom Tom- GPS watch- so I was out there for longer than my watch above notes- that time is running time. I do however let the time run IC walking and refueling with Gu.

Ok. Back out into the heat I continued on for another 6 miles until stopping again for another water fill up. I had just one more mile to go. I ended my run at the McDonald's where I again filled my water up and then purchased a large diet coke- I love fountain drinks!

Besides my two water breaks I also walked while I took Gu in at two separate times in my run. I'm liking the Salted Carmel Gu with the Yeti on the front. I also realize I need to refuel throughout or else I will "bonk" hard. I felt much better after both these Gu breaks along with two water/Gatorade breaks.

This was not a fast run,but sometimes just getting the miles done is all I need to feel like I accomplished something major or as my son would say "epic".

I've been told Pigman Long-70.3 is tough for the run because there is no cover and you are running mid day mid August. Finishing this run today was a great way to get prepared for what lies ahead.

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