Saturday, June 14, 2014

Training Recap May

Not quite sure why it has taken me this long to post on May's training.

It was quite a month.

Total mileage=158
Swim= 6 miles
Bike= 91 miles
Run= 61 miles

Looking back in my training calendar- log book here are a few thoughts/themes from May's training.

1- time: I didn't always make the appropriate time to get the miles/workouts in. I also mentally wasn't always in tune with time for training- needed some break time here and there.

2- over indulgence: too much food and drink as a way to reward myself. Nothing new. Something I continue to work on, but I have made a decision that I want to incorporate healthy lifestyle/eating that is doable on daily,monthly, yearly basis. As much as I loved the weight I lost with the detox in January that eating lifestyle wasn't something that was going to fit into my life long term. All about moderation which is something that isn't quite me.

3- life sometimes matters more. Grandpa passed away and I had to travel quite far to be there, but I got the workouts in and ended up doing well at my sprint tri despite the "life" that was happening.

4- Open water swims are tough! Just like running outside is harder than running on the treadmill and biking outside is harder than riding on a trainer. Outside makes you do the work!

5- grateful to have friends,family and mentors guiding and supporting me along the way. Couldn't do it without these Peeps!

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