Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big day changed "about me" on blog

So my "About Me" has changed today.  I'm no more "almost 35 year old mother" I am "35 year old mother".  Some women/men/people don't enjoy their b-days.  I actually enjoy mine full heartedly.  I enjoy the cake/fanfare/cards/well wishes/dinner out with family.  Today I turned 35 and went and ran 4 miles at 5:30 a.m. with my BRB and did our normal therapy session.  It was a great way to start off the a.m. - hug and "happy b-day" in the a.m. hitting the road to run 4 miles in the nice cool, star light of morning.  Work was good today and many well wishes and cards, etc graced my desk.  Unfortunately, with increase in age I am now hitting the reality that my friends and even myself are at risk to lose our loved ones.  I went to a visitation for a friend who lost her father this past Friday.  My friend has always amazed me, because as I am in visitation line she says out loud- somebody's b-day is today- always so selfless and focused on others as she has to stand next to her father's casket for 9 + hours visitation today.  Hugging her teared me up and reminded me that enjoying your b-day is so worth it because the alternative isn't that happy- not enjoying another b-day.  So I leave you with pics of my precious kids who along with my hubby made from scratch smores cupcakes- they were yummy! If you have a b-day coming up or within the this year or next :)- please enjoy it!  It is a day to celebrate life and all things great about your's. 

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