Friday, October 7, 2011

Mommy's Project 52: cleaning

Growing up my mom taught my sister and I how to clean.  We each had different "chores" to do during the week.  She was pretty picky on cleaning, especially the bathroom.  I secretly dreaded cleaning the bathroom, because I knew we would clean the bathroom many times only to have her come behind us and clean again.  No she isn't mental, she just liked it done a certain way.  I can appreciate that now because when I saw the word cleaning I thought of two (o.k. four words)- bathroom and peace of mind.  I don't always get to cleaning the whole house on a regular basis, but if pressed for time the rooms I choose to clean are the bathrooms.  I have a certain process and cleaning products I use for this room. If my husband is part of the cleaning process I give him other rooms to do and keep the bathrooms for myself.

Peace of mind comes into play because of how stress free I feel with a clean home.  Cleaning also gives me a peace of mind, because many times when I'm stressed or in frumpy mood just the action of cleaning the house: which includes physical activity and making rooms nice and neat- truly makes my stress and bad mood melt away.  Cleaning for me can be very therapeutic. 

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