Sunday, October 16, 2011

Goals for 2012- No it's not New Year's Eve

but it kind of feels like it as I compose this post.  So as to not fall off the wagon of training/running I decided I'd take the week off running and think about what I want to do this next year.  Well it is hard to believe, but it has been a week and today I was back on the road again for a good 5 miler. 
Retired the marathon saucony Progrid Ride 3 after the marathon.  These are the new ones I found at the Marathon Expo- these shoes are no longer being made so I was ecstatic to find one pair left on the shelf.

So here goes my goals for 2012 (starting a little early :)).
1. Do Yoga at least once weekly- either class or home video, etc.
2. Run a 1/2 marathon under 2 hours.
3. Run Chicago Marathon- this would be a first for me- running two consecutive years in a row.
4. Run 1,000 +++ miles in 2012 
5. Do the Oswego Triathlon

Seems kind of gutsy goals, but you know me and my grandiose ideas, guess that is what makes me- me. 

The races I plan to sign up for are the Sunburst 1/2 marathon in South Bend, the Rock N Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon July 22, tri sprint in Oswego in August and Chicago marathon in October. 

In order to meet some of my goals above I will need to fulfill other mini-goals.  For instance, working on speed work, getting back in the pool and swimming, and some cross training on the bike.  More posts to come on how I will work on improving in all of those areas.  So I leave you with a couple of shots of me from the race last week.  I still can't believe a week has gone by.
O.K. I think you might be able to see my brown streaked shirt- seriously no idea what was going on with my body during the race.
The girl next to me is smiling trying to put on her best "picture face" either that or she is smelling my wonderful "marathon" aroma.

We run through some really pretty streets in Chicago- I love the ones that brown stones line and people are out with their families, tailgating as they watch the marathon- no really it reminds me of fall tailgating.

I really do love running in this town.

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