Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mom and Kids Weekend

Hubby left this weekend to celebrate his grandma's 80th b-day.  Due to Mason in school and the long drive to Eastern Indiana the kids and I didn't go.  I decided this was going to be Mom/Kid Fun Weekend.  So because of the all the fun we already had starting Friday night up until tonight I thought I'd get started sharing the FUN!

Friday Night
IA vs MI soccer game

Hot Cocoa Time- Thanks Papa Chris- Starbucks YUMMY!


McDonald's Breakfast- my kids love it!

We made it to the last Bookmark of Johnson County- Eastern Iowa Airport

Next stop- lets find an orchard that has apples and pumpkins.

Honey Creek Acres- great apples, pumpkin patch, and fun tractor ride- We'll be back.
O.K. this is one of my favorites.

My parents have several pictures of my sister and I standing by fall corn as kids and so I'm now making my kids pose for these. 

Onto School Fun Fair after watching Michigan whoop up on  Minnesota

She went right for the "I" on the face painting sheet- might have a Hawk Fan in our house.



 Another of my favorites.

 And to finish off the night a frosted Candy Corn Cookie

What a great Friday night and Saturday.

Also, I know many of my readers get these posts via email, but I've changed my Blog template and you may want to check it out.... would love any feedback.  I'm still learning and want to make my blog more user friendly. 

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