Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mom and Kids Weekend part 2

So today ends my weekend with the kids, hubby free.  We had a great weekend, but we were all happy to come back from church and morning adventures to see dad's car in the garage.  Here is a recap of today's activities

After church and Sunday School kids changed into some play clothes and we went to downtown park by library to play and have lunch. First stop tickling the ivories in the Ped Mall- I love that we live in a city that has pianos sitting around for people to play.  Mason even knew that the painting in the right hand corner of base of piano was by Van Goght.

A little lunch in the Ped Mall.

What would a weekend with mom be without a trip to the Library.

Kate always looks for "her animals" -ie Clifford, when we get to the library.  She found him in the book house.

Because we walked to the library Mason had a big task of only picking out 1 Star Wars book, due to the fact that he'd pick all of them if I let him and I didn't have the bags or arms to haul that many books back to our parking spot by church. 

After a little rest time when getting home from our morning adventures the kids and I ended our weekend of FUN by making peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies- can't wait to try them after the race on Sunday :)

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