Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mommy's Project 52: time-out

Nope, not mine.  Both of my kids never really did well with time-out.  They do/did o.k. with "go to your room".  I don't remember  time-out as a kid either. 
30 second timeout in B-ball

Funny how a time-out in sports means a halt in play.  Time-out for a kid(s) also means halt in play. 
However, how many of us adults are good at recognizing when we need our own time-out.  We go, go, go, and then we get tired, fatigue, and need re-fueling- not much different than time-out in sports.  A time to refuel and reenergize.  I need to do a better job realizing when I need my own time-out. 

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  1. Time out didn't work well with either of my kids, either. And, as a mom, I have had to work really hard to take my own time outs. Realizing you need to recharge your batteries is not as easy as it seems. For now, running takes care of a good bit of that for me, but sleep would really do the trick! If only there was more time to do that!