Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kid's Reading Recommendations and other random reading things

So I wanted to do a little procrastination from reading my "Politics for Dummies" book last night- comment later-and so I started a post on my blog and uploaded the pictures below and then the computer froze- and I couldn't finish the post.  I've been struggling with my computer for awhile in regard to it is old, not a lot of memory/storage left and I am not technologically savy so had a lot of crap on it that probably needed to be cleared out.  I was desperate to get the computer fixed and so I signed up for one of those on-line software programs that is installed on your computer and cleans your computer up.  I went this route vs. Geek Squad because it was $30 vs the $200 quote I got today when I called the Geeks at Best Buy.  The software did clean my computer up, but my post screen was still frozen- Enter my BRB who also is a techno Goddess!  She set me up with a new browser to post from and a glass of wine later I'm writing again. YIPEE!  So here is the post I meant to send yesterday.

Here are some books the kids and I read recently and I highly recommend.  Picture books will never be obsolete or too young for my reading eyes- and I hope not the eyes of my children

The boy in the garden by Allen Say
This book is magical and takes place in "dream state" for a little boy.  My oldest reader loved this book and saw it at the Art Institute in the gift shop and said "mom that's the boy garden book".  So cool when your kids find some of their favorite reads in places other than libraries

This book was utter "chatty/natty" meaning perfect- it was a story about a boy named Clancy who moves to a new home and meets a neighbor girl named Millie and they bond and form a "very fine house" and this building of friendship and home make the move easier. 

So funny- both little reader and oldest reader loved this book and so did I.  Follows the Little Red Hen pattern, but you knew that.

Little Reader picked out this book and we all enjoyed the story- again most of the story takes place in a "dream state".  It has wonderful meaning and life lessons taught during the process of the book.  I loved the last page of the book/story and so share a little bit of it:

He saw in life that nothing lasts;
like a flame in the wind,
a star at dawn, 
or a flash of lightning
in a summer cloud.

But within life
Heaven can be found, 
and within Heaven is life without end.

EXCELLENT book and all of us readers enjoyed.  Marshall Armstrong is new to our school, a duh right, but what you find as the reader is that just because you may be new and do things a little differently your differences may end up being pretty neat or "cool". 

Book that talks about electricity in its many forms.  The kids and I were all educated by reading this book, but  it wasn't too sciency (if that is a word :)). The artwork helps tell the story.

I thought this was a new Richard Scarry book, because I had not seen it. It was actually published in 1991- 21 years ago- you gotta be kidding me.  I love Richard Scarry.  I love his artwork and his stories. Simple, easy to read, no fluff. 

This book was "magical".  It was all about what happens with a family the night the electricity goes out.  The pictures again help tell the story in more deeper way.  It always amazes me how picture books with such few words can sometimes be more powerful than the "John Adams" of the world.

O.K. a couple of other random reading things...
Have you heard about GoodReads?  I hadn't and love it and am going to use it this year and see how well it helps me keep track of what I read during the year.  It also is a way in which you can keep track of those books you want to read.  Go to http://www.goodreads.com/ to look at all the site has to offer.  For those of you who have phones with App ability you can upload the Goodreads App and away you'll go.  Most of us always have our phones with us, but many of us don't have our cherished "book wish lists" with us at all times, but this App allows you to keep track of all those reads you are hoping to dive into.  If you have a more high tech phone you can even just scan the bar code of the book and it will automatically upload and you can determine what list you want to place it in "currently reading, to read, read" and you can add your own list- thought of calling one "John Adams" meaning- not finishing, but not quite got the technology down yet.  And if you want to you can share your reads with friends, so think of a "facebook for bookies".  I went to this because I am not a good monitor of what I read, my year end review for books I posted at the end of last year after reviewing myself I realized I had left off some of my favorite reads of the year.  I have tried the 3x5 card catalog option my mom has done over the years, but for some reason I become lazy and don't have good record keeping.  So for now this will be my log keeper.  

Lastly did you know that Read Across America Week starts February 27 and runs through March 2nd.  I follow several reading blogs and found this info in the A Year of Reading: Read Across America Post http://readingyear.blogspot.com/2012/02/read-across-america-who-are-you-as.html- look at this if you are interested in learning more.  Promotion of reading is needed, especially in schools so the ideas that this blog post  came up with in regard to promoting reading by highlighting teachers and what they are reading was great.

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