Friday, February 3, 2012

365 Thank Yous

I just finished this book on the last day of January.  I'm onto February and have already started another great read, thus far, The Reader by Bernard Schlink.  I know, I know I still have 4 books left on my "marathon book list" that is suppose to end at the end of February.  However, I've found that reading is not like running in that as long as I'm reading, and enjoying reading it shouldn't much matter what I'm reading.  I hope someday soon to finish my "marathon book list" (Sophie's Choice, The Crimson Rooms, Jan Eyre, Lord of Discipline), but for now I'm just reading to read.

Back to the above book- it was excellent.  It wasn't all fluff.  John Kralik is at the bottom of his life at the beginning of the book and has a "come to Jesus" moment on January 1st.  He decides to deal with his awful life by trying to write thank yous in hopes to save his life.  It is a great story and I think many of us could benefit and get something out of reading this book.  As usual here is a line I connected with in the book...

Neil, his friend writes... "Only you can make choices to make you happy, no one else can, and I have learned you must choose to dwell in the present, appreciate what you and move forward."

If you are looking for an inspirational, real life, easy to read story- this one's for you.  

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