Monday, February 13, 2012

Mommy's Project 52:dancing

Another week which I could just tell story, after story and get deep in my writing about what dancing means to me and my life.  No I'm not a Julliard prepared dancer nor have I ever danced professionally, but I have danced since I was little. I've been known to turn non-dancing establishments into dancing establishments.  I've closed down a couple of dance floors in my good old College Years.  I've danced so hard at dances that the soles of my shoes were permanently ruined. 

I started dancing with my sister in our living room listening to records as a young kid. I've put in two pics from records I use to dance to as a child.  As you can see the genres were varied (Mozart to Disco Mickey).  I think this was a foreshadowing of where my music would end up ( as seen by playlist that have Eminem and Mozart combined with Ralph Covert's "MOMMY Needs" song).  My sister and I loved dancing to the records my mom and dad had.  Some of the records were soundtracks (big surprise- again no wonder where I get my love for musicals), but others were from their era ("Up, Up with People" for instance).  After my sister started taking ballet and I started gymnastics we would get dressed in our tutus and leotards and leg warmers and dance around the room.

As I mentioned above from an early age I appreciated the combo of both music and dance.  I have copied in some pics of favorite dance numbers from some of my favorite musicals- I have too many to copy in so these will have to do. In no specific time line or order.
Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellwegger's last dance number from movie Chicago- phenomenal dancing and singing in this movie!

Jennifer Beal is a "Maniac, Maniac on the floor"- I loved this blue collar factory worker trying to become the Julliard dancer and falls for the White Collar CEO/Porsche Driving guy plot. This movie made Leg Warmers "in". I had a pair of red leg warmers and sister had a pair of pink.

Where would we be and where would Kevin Bacon be if he hadn't done this movie- so many great songs and so many great moves.

Fred Astaire is one of my favorites- His Fourth of July number in Holiday Inn- picture from movie above- was phenomenal- tap dancing while throwing bottle caps  (yep fireworks) down. He has so many other phenomenal numbers- again too many for me to list.

O.K.  So I already mentioned Fred Astaire above, but Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire that is like naming a whole number dancer- they danced so perfectly together.  One of my favorite movies is "Top Hat"- choreography great.

Judy Garland- phenomenal singer, but I also think great dancer- she had Tina Turner Legs before there was a Tina Turner- the above pic is from Summer Stock when she sings "Forget Your Troubles Come On Get Happy".  She also has many other movies/dance scenes I could note, but too many for this post.

Then I come to me and my dancing moves now.  I really haven't slowed down too much.  I'm known for lighting up the dance floor at weddings.  I love music and  dancing.  My body however doesn't always like it when I bust the Running Man out.  Sadly I have no shots of me to show for my dance moves.  Actually I was quite disappointed in the pictures of my children dancing too. We've been known to have dance night in the kitchen.  The kids request songs and I play them and we dance.  Some of our favorite dance songs currently:

 Black Eyed Peas "Tonight's Going to be a Good Night"
Taio Cruz "Dynamite"
AC/DC "Back in Black"- we live in Hawkeye country and my kids (correction my daughter) doesn't get that this song is affiliated with the Hawkeyes running out onto the football field at home games- however, they, especially my daughter, calls it her rock song (Side note- I'm a huge AC/DC fan and when pregnant with the kids loved to blast AC/DC and drive in my car and tell them that one day they would love the music too).
The Swing Kids Soundtrack (exactly what it sounds like- swing music)
Walk the Line Soundtrack (Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix did a wonderful job portraying Johnny Cash and June Carter)

 So I leave you with a few pics of the kids in dancing mode.
At recent mini dance marathon- it looks like my little one wanted to not lose her big brother.

Yep- kido in white- that's my son shuffling to the music.

Daughter's famous "rock star face"

Rocking out with her guitar.
The other day she was standing in the kitchen and she said "mommy my knees are dancing"- sure enough she was perfectly stable except for letting her knees move back and forth to the beat.  Love that my kids love to dance.  I hope they continue to love dancing and watching dancing as much as I have in my life

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