Friday, February 3, 2012

Oscar's Update... 2 Down

So I started my Oscar Best Picture movie watching this past week.  Some of it done while on my treadmill, and some of it done while lying in bed late at night- pure enjoyment.  The first movie I watched was the above. It won the 1928/1929 Best Picture Oscar.  It was a little disappointing as I didn't really enjoy the lead actor Charles King.  However, Anita Page and Bessie Love were both fun leading ladies.  It is a story of the Mahoney Sisters trying to make it big on Broadway.  Many famous songs are heard in this film, and due to the age of the film 1929- I'm thinking these were the originals that have been so often used in other musicals and shows.  It was an o.k. watch, but I won't be buying it for my collection.

The second movie was a biography about Frenchman Emile Zola's life, but it was really more. This movie won the 1938 Best Picture Oscar.  It was about how a writer, Emile Zola, tried to prove another man's innocence Dreyfus in regard to being a traitor for France.  It was a wonderful black and white picture and I really enjoyed this movie.  It is not a musical, but a drama and has quite a bit of late 1800's French history interwoven throughout the movie.  This I would recommend to anyone, especially those who enjoy historical fiction. Not quite sure where my Oscar watching will take me over the month before 2012 Oscar's, but so far it has been enjoyable. 

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