Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mommy's project 52: saving

So I'm being lazy and took pictures with my phone and am writing this down on phone too- too lazy to take nice pics with camera, upload to computer and write my post on computer and nicely edit pics, etc. So I will reference the above pictures and it will hopefully be not too confusing to follow.

Saving- what a loaded topic- no pun intended. I could write about so many things... Why is it easy for me to be disciplined about running but not be disciplined about my spending $$$ at the coffee shop at work? My memories of my yellow butter dishes that had their own special drawer in my childhood bedroom and were labeled church, saving and spending. How my hubby is able to "save for a rainy day" like no one I've ever known.

Nope- here is what I've decided to write in this post on saving. I'm a saver. I have always been a saver when it comes to items that have memories for me. No I'm not a hoarder. No I don't hold onto every onesie my child ever wore, but I do hold onto things others may question or not understand.

The following is in reference to the sequined peach, and brocade Jessica Mc Clintock prom dress. This may look familiar to some of my "bookies" who follow the blog. I a few years ago busted the prom dress out at one of our monthly book club meetings. We had talked the month prior about how some people hold onto things (exhibit prom dress) and some people don't. So I put on the dress ( which unfortunately only zipped up 1/2 way in the back) and did a few twirls for the girls. I love this dress. I wore it as a sophomore in 1992. I felt so great in that dress. Just looking at it makes me happy- even if I can't fit into it - appropriately- anymore.

The pictures of the photo book with pages in the book of what looks like masterpieces to me are another way I've dealt with wanting to save. Early on I knew I was going to have to come up with a way to save my children's art. So I did- I take pictures of their art and put it together in a photo book. The kids love looking at them. I wish I had them a tad bit more organized chronologically but in the end as long as I can look at their work and remember that time in their lives that is what is precious.

Lastly, the pictures of the 3 boxes are a way in which I further save memories. As the one pic depicts- the boxes are jammed full of letters, cards, presents(paper based) that I have received over the years. No I don't save every one but I choose those that come from special people in my life or if the item's message is meaningful. I will look through these boxes from time to time if I need a pick me up. Saving for me is a happy process. However, I have thought about what would happen if I lost these items I've been saving over a lifetime- I'd probably be very sad but would move forward and start saving again.

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  1. A) I have my prom dress hanging in a portable wardrobe in the basement. Next to my (boxed and preserved) wedding dress.
    B) I take pics of the kids' artwork, but haven't printed a single picture, let alone put it in a book. Kudos to you.
    C) I have "Tommy Boxes" from high school and college. They're shoe boxes filled with keychains, movie ticket stubs, pictures, letters, and misc. from a time long ago. It's fun to go through it once in a while. You are not alone there.
    {I love the Saucony shoe box}
    And yes, it is difficult to rationalize the inability to be as disciplined in life as it is in running. ;)

    1. Nice to know there is another kindred spirit out there.