Friday, February 10, 2012

Oscar' Update- WWII week

This week was less treadmill watching, due to an annoying sinus cold, but I still started one movie on the treadmill and later finished it in bed, and did the same with the second- my two runs yet this week.  I don't think I really realized that I was picking two movies focused on WWII/Post WWII.  The first movie won the  Best Picture in 1946.  It really looks at what happened after WWII, when the "troops" came home.  The story follows three servicemen- in different stages of their lives, but all three struggle with coming home.  It was a good movie, but not a real "feel good" kind of movie.  The black n white picture did this movie good- wouldn't want to watch it in color.  I highly recommend this one.

The other movie won the Best Picture in 1953.  This movie takes place in Hawaii and the Pearl Harbor attack is just a minor part of the movie.  I love Deborah Kerr (King and I star), but struggled with her character in this movie.  I'm not a Montgomery Cliff fan so his character also did not a lot for me- which he was pretty much the lead story as Robert E. Lee Pruitt.  Frank Sinatra did a good job and wasn't heard singing too much in this film.  I also struggled with Donna Reed's character (known probably best for her being Jimmy Stewart's wife in "It's a Wonderful Life")- she played a hardened woman trying to make it rich in Hawaii as a "call-girl" type figure.  Don't get me wrong it was good story, again not a real "feel good" movie, but I guess movies about war shouldn't be "feel good" movies.  It is just hard when you have a certain view of an actress/actor and then they go and "act" and change your perception of the kind of actor/actress they are.

So it was a good week at the movies/in my bed.  Both of these movies gave me a greater appreciation of  what occurred both during and after WWII. 

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