Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January challenge week 4 +2 days

Well I have finished this month's challenge. Even though I only ran 29 of the 31 days due to that nasty g.i. Bug 1/9 and 1/10 I feel I made good on my goal. I ended up running a total of 74 miles this month which seems crazy when I look back at where I was at last year this time. Looking ahead I would like to try and keep getting in about 20 miles a week. Due to my schedule and husband's I will likely have to keep runs shorter and utilize the good old treadmill. I've started to look at training schedules for both the 1/2 marathons and Chicago. I think I'm ready to move out of the beginner training schedule and challenge myself with not only longer distance and more mileage but a more well rounded program including nutrition and cross training.

I've been reading a runner's book of daily inspirations. Here are this month's picks that I found inspirational.

"I don't make a decision every morning. I made a decision once, long ago, to run every day. When I wake up, the decision is already made". Walt Guzzardi

When inspirations lacking I get inspiration from running.
I run, by myself or with runners. But I run. author of the book-Kevin Nelson

"My method of encouraging people to run is by running myself". Peggy Blount

"Now when I'm asked why I run, the answer come quickly. I run because through running I find answers to many of the other questions of life." John Bingham

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  1. I fell way behind the month of January in mileage, but, hope once I recover (right hip adductor strain) I'll be that much better and going farther. I love those quotes, I'd like to get something like that for myself! Great job in January!!