Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Challenge

I know, I know it sounds so cliche to say at the beginning of January, but here is my January running challenge.  I've stolen this right off the pages of Tall Mom on The Run blog http://www.tallmomontherun.com/.  She did this challenge in December to get back her running mojo.  I've not lost my mojo, but as I previously informed you guys I didn't do a great job with mileage last January (15 total- UGH!).  I also want to attempt the 1,000+++ miles in 2012 so if I'm going to get that done I need to run more each month.  Actually need to do about 80/month give or take a few depending on training months.  So today is day three and despite a head cold I'm going to get on the good old treadmill in about 30 minutes and run for at least 1 mile- I'm hoping to do 2, but energy kind of low today.  I'll keep you posted at least weekly on how the challenge is going.  If anyone else is interested in joining me on this daily running adventure let me know or if you have any of your own 2012 goals or even January goals you want to share I'd love to hear them- moral support to let me know I'm not totally crazy.  Looking at this month of running is a little overwhelming, but so is 1,000+ miles in 2012.  However, as I have learned this past year reaching your goals is easier if you take it one day at a time.

P.S. Sorry for some many posts in a row, just wanted to get these out on my last day of vacation before returning to work.  I hope to have our Xmas vacation recap posted soon too. Maybe the energy is a little low today not only due to cold, but because the season/holidays are officially over.  Back to the real world.   I'm missing the Christmas music already. 


  1. Great goal! I, too, have decided to shoot for 1K this year. I also plan to do my first marathon (Chicago), and this will be my first year racing on a team. Aside from 1K and the marathon, I hope to start cross training. I'll join you in the 1K challenge! I know we can both do it!

  2. It will be fun to be both training for Chicago. I'm also glad you'll be doing the 1,000+++ challenge. We will be cybersupporters :).