Sunday, January 15, 2012

January challenge week 2

Well this week didn't quite go how I thought it would. I started getting sick Monday am at 12:30 a.m. And didn't finish until 9 a.m.and then didn't get upright until 7pm Monday. I had the worse headache of my life. Felt like my head was in a vice grip. I didn't run Monday- other than running to bathroom. Tuesday I felt like someone had hit my back with a baseball bat and spent day at home recuperating. No running Tuesday either. Wednesday I got back " on the horse" and started back up with my running. My mileage wasn't that spectacular this week but I "got it done". Some days I just went for the goal of 1 mile/day. I still felt pretty out of it most of the week and today was the first day I felt really back to normal: gi wise, cold wise and running.

I also did a little running shopping today at a running store in Geneva, IL Here is a pic of one of my new items. Yep I got sucked into the running compression socks fad. I went for the cheaper/ non racing more recovery sock brand. You can use them when running too. They felt good running in on treadmill but not quite as tight as I thought they'd be. I look super sexy in them- NOT. I also bought a new running bra- Fiona by moving comfort ( no I won't be sharing pic of that one) and a Brooks running jacket. Also due to lower running temps my cotton socks aren't cutting it so I'm trying some smartwool running socks. Yep it was a good day at running store.

My challenge obviously didn't make it due to illness but as long as I follow through the rest of the month I feel like I will meet my goal. I hope to up the mileage this coming week but as long as I get my 1mi/day in then I'll be happy. Within the first week I already beat my embarrasing 15 miles total from January 2011. Hope you all are keeping up with your 2012 goals, but if not get "back on the horse" and meet your goals.

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