Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mommy's project52: networking

I think this is something every human does no matter what age or economic status. It happens at swimming lessons where I watch my son make conversation with the girl waiting on the wall with him to see what the next swim move they will learn. It happens while I'm at swim lessons watching my son along side other mothers and fathers and as a parents you smile and make small talk. We all are networking in different ways.

Sometimes I think the word can have a negative conotation- trying to get ahead, moving your career forward by meeting and greeting. I like to think of networking as getting to know other people and how to work in different environments. It is learning from a colleague at a conference how to make your clinic run more smoothly. It is learning from another mon or dad about a special story time that is occurring at your local library this coming weekend. For a child it is learning about social awareness- "Johnny said that there is a cool computer game about math that his mom found for the Ipad". Networking isn't hard to do but you have to choose to do it. You can choose to read a book and not make small talk at swimming lessons and there is nothing wrong with this too.

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