Saturday, September 17, 2011

20 miles and still standing

I'm happy to have my 20 miler done for this season's Chicago Marathon training plan.  Even though I was suppose to do 3 of these in my original training plan I am happy that I was able to do just one.  My little fish tank mishap back in June side lined me for a month and as my running partner reminded me this a.m. "Did you ever think you would be running 20 back in June"- Nope I didn't think I'd be able to run that distant, but I have.  I'm thankful for my hubby who put my training schedule together and of course for his support on all of my long run days.  I'm also thankful that my running partner joined me on the last 12 miles of my run today, and all the other miles she has done with me in training. 

Today was gameday in Iowa City- Hawkeye Nation. I actually love running on gamedays in Iowa City.  It is another thing to keep me preoccupied with during those long runs.  I also loved the weather this a.m- cool.  In capris, hat, gloves, longsleeve technical with a short sleeve technical I was quite comfortable.  Now it is down hill from here: a 12 miler next weekend and then an 8 miler the weekend before Chicago.  My plan is to stay healthy, finish my training schedule and throw some stretching/yoga in there- felt kind of tight today.  Looking forward to Chicago Oct 9th. 

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  1. I am way late in replying...loved all three of the last posts. We must have just missed you on Friday doing the same thing with the same coupon.

    So proud of you on the running recovery but not the least bit surprised! Reminds you want you are truly made of.