Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mommy Project 52: Caring

So I find it a tad bit ironic that the first topic I join in on for the Mommy Project 52 is Caring.  I find this ironic for two reason: 1. I'm sitting right now with my dad while he gets his last chemotherapy treatment.  I won't go into details of his cancer, but it came as a shock to me when he was diagnosed and I wanted to be with him during each chemotherapy treatment as a way to care for him and my mom.   Now, I have no intention in turning this into a post about cancer so will leave it at that. 2. I also find this topic making me write a more personal post than I have in the past.  Don't get me wrong I can be pretty chatty, but this post makes me address a recent feeling/thought I had in regard to my blog.  I just was telling my BRB (best running buddy) the other day that I worry that my posts are not interesting or are too personal for those who read. What I mean is I'm writing on things I want to write about and was becoming apprehensive that I'm making/forcing readers to read about boring, too personal, silly topics.  Well this post topic makes me come to terms with the fact that I am truly doing this BLOG as a way to write, get my ideas, passions, goals out and also to connect with anyone who is interested- but ultimately this BLOG is for me.  I of course hope to entertain and connect with other readers, but if not that is o.k.  So here it goes... Caring.

My parents are both very caring and have instilled a sense of how you should care for others.  My dad, being a man, cared for his daughters in a way that he felt comfortable and most knowledgeable in- Sports, Family, and Church.  Sports- caring came by the way in which he signed up to coach sugar n' spice softball teams each year we participated.  He had this knack for taking teams that were average or below average and made them into competitive teams.  He always gave every girl a fair try and knew just how to put the right girls in the right place to help them succeed to her best ability. He cared by treating the team to ice cream after wins at the local dairy hut.  He cared by going to every sporting event my sister and I were ever in. He would drive all over to each and every away game and sit on hard bleachers or out in cold, rainy Spring weather for our softball games.  He allowed us to go to every sport camp we could go to in the summer.  He cared by being involved. 

He also showed us caring by being focused on the importance of family.  His family all lives in Northern Virginia and yet his family, my uncles and aunt and grandparents were a huge part of my childhood and current life.  As you remember my sister and I traveled with my dad to VA this past Spring Break with our kids to enjoy "farm life" and see the relatives.  My dad always has made seeing friends and family a priority and hence I think why I  myself will drive our family all over kingdom come just to spend time with our family and friends no matter the length of time.  This type of caring is reciprocal, because in caring to get to see your relatives or family members you hence gain great memories and feel important to those who may not just live a block away or just across town.  My dad's caring for his family in VA made me realize that no matter the distance you can indeed have an everyday life that involves your family no matter where they are.

Church- my dad is not boisterous with his beliefs on god or religion, but he truly does care deeply about his church and cares deeply about helping others -as those of us who attended Sunday School remembering Jesus did. Again- not trying to make this a Religious Advertisement or getting to "Godly" on you- just stating that by watching the numerous years my dad has volunteered to be Sunday School teacher, church treasurer, volunteer at local Homeless Shelter, church clean up, etc-  he showed me how you can care for others through another avenue in your life- Church.

As I sit here with dad, today, I am so grateful for how he cared for my sister and I in our Sport endeavors.  I don't know if I would be the runner I am today if I hadn't done sports as a child.  I also love that I will drive all over kingdom come to see family and friends and thank him for this characteristic.  I don't think I will ever be as active in Church as he has been. I do think being apart of Church life for me and the kids is something I need and in a way is how I care for myself and see the bigger picture of caring for others.  I leave you with three photos- the first my dad as a child, the second his high school graduation picture and the third a picture of dad with the grandkids on our Spring Break Trip.   Life has a funny way of bringing in perspective what is important and over the last few months dealing with his diagnosis and treatment has brought to light, for me, just how valuable life is.  Thanks for caring Dad!


  1. This post really touched my heart. First, YOU are an incredibly caring person. The more I get to know you, the more I am awed by it. There is so much here, though, in your writing...I will definitely refer back to it often when I need an inspirational read. What a tribute to your parents! My favorite part, though, is when you talk about writing just for you. I have learned that my true friends will be there regardless of what I put out there; they may respectfully disagree, but they will accept me for the person that I am. The rest, well, they just really are not worth my effort and energy. Thinking of you and so proud to be your friend!

  2. Welcome to the project, from a fellow runner here. Very nice entry, I love the pictures.

  3. Francesca- thanks for always the great support and reassurance in my blogging :).

    Hot Mama- thanks for introducing me to this great project. I'm obsessed with mom/running blogs and have enjoyed your's.