Thursday, September 8, 2011

Daily Mile

Well my blog page has changed a little due to me adding a widget called Daily Mile.  It tracks your activity and I think it is a fun tool.  It was fairly easy to set up and saves your profile- you can set up the look of your tracker.  Some of you running buddies who read my blog I will be sending you an invite and that way if interested in becoming my "friend" you can communicate back and forth to each other about your runs, bikes, swims, etc. I guess it is like Twitter and Facebook for athletes :).   I like the map your route and save your route profile in the DailyMile.  Even though I've been running some of the same routes for quite awhile I still sometimes forget the distance of a certain run.  This site lets you save the map, mileage and name the route.  Will be a great resource for me.  Here is the website :)

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Also another great blog I found about a mom who runs:  Now those of you who know me, know that I'm definitely not a Tall Mom on the Run, but I'm a mom on the run who was impressed with this mom's following challenge... Here it is- straight from her blog:

Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club 2011

Welcome to the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club, for those who strive to Run 1,000 and BEYOND in 2011.

The Rules are simple:1. Run, walk, swim, shuffle, or crawl 1,000 Miles or more+++ in 2010! Miles by the power of your feet (or full body for swimming). Maybe you do not believe you can make 1,000 miles?? That is OK, sign up anyway everyone is welcome!!! Those of you Triathletes please come up with an equivalent you are happy with for bike miles and record as you see fit.

2. Keep track of your mileage, shortly after you sign up you will get a link to the shared spreadsheet. Be sure to keep your miles updated because there will be Check In Posts on Tall Mom every quarter. Also those who are close to their Goal will get extra entries into Tall Mom Giveaways.

3. Post the Club logo (Above) with a link to this Post somewhere on your Blog. If you do not have a Blog be sure to let people know you are taking on this challenge so they WILL cheer you on as you go.

4. Make it to your goal by January 1, 2012 and you will get recognition on Tall Mom with extra incentives as we go..
A little intimidated??Break it down in simple Math

1,000/12 months in a year= 83.33 Miles per month

1,000/52 weeks in a year= 19.23 Miles per week

1,000/365 days in a year= 2.74 Miles per day
**Maybe your goal is not 1,000, it may be less or more.. The Math is the same, just insert your number and calculate. It is VERY IMPORTANT to know your weekly/monthly mileage Goal to stay on track.


So I think this may be on my "bucket list" for 2012.  DailyMile will be a great tool to help me track my mileage.  Again if anyone is interested in joining this endeavor with me let me know.  I'm assuming she will continue to do this yearly- she did it on her own in 2009,. then opened it up to public 2010 and 2011 is currently going.  Happy running!

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